We are a company registered in England and Wales that offers Management as a Service. In other words, we provide senior C levels and managers, with an interim or fractional dedication, for a specific project or period.

If you are a startup or SME that needs the expertise of a senior professional (CTO, CFO, COO) but cannot afford a full-time role, you can use our community. We provide the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to face immediate challenges with flexible cost and dedication.

It is sustainable because our target is to create a community where projects and collaborations will appear organically. The larger the community, the easier the opportunity will arise. We are not in a hurry to make money. We believe that only with a strong network we could add extra value to our industry.

Being part of the community is absolutely free. There are no fees for professionals and no fees for project advertising.

The community is free, but you can also use any of our services, like Technical interview and screening, Fractional CTO and Software development.

Freelancers, self-employees, startups and SMEs. We are happy to welcome larger companies or agencies as long as everybody follows our rules of conduct.

For us, it would be easy to build a simple signup form, but we don’t need it. We work like a members club, where we interview face to face to find the right candidate and the right project. But, if we cannot find it, we always offer free mentoring and advice.

Equivalent as we do with professionals. We will hold an interview to categorise the project following various criteria. That will allow us to find candidates in our database and work on potential matches.

Old school. We will get basic patterns for the first filter, like price, location, dedication and industry. Once we have a shortlist, we will review our notes from the personal interviews and share the candidate's CV, Linkedin or any other relevant resource available.